Triton Knoll “We Care” days in Grimsby

During May and June we had the pleasure of spending 2 days on site at Triton Knoll in Grimsby as part of their “We Care” days.    Our interactive sessions looked at how to manage your energy levels via nutrition, hydration and eating…

Bradford Menopause Programme

Do you work in health and care services in Bradford District and Craven Health?  Find out more here:

West Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership sessions go live!

We are proud to be delivering over 45 Wellbeing Sessions for NHS West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership.  One of our Wellbeing Experts, Emma, launched the programme on Friday 4th February with her fabulous Reflexology Session!

Case Studies: Habit Transformation

Have you already tried and failed at yet another New Year’s resolution? Have you ever tried to kick a bad habit or start a new one? Do you always start well and then continuously fail? Most of us know what we need to do to improve our wellbeing. …

Thank you Paperworks!!

Like many businesses, we had to pull out all our creative stops when the Pandemic hit as we had no way to reach our clients with our normal face to face model. Our Wellbeing First Aid Kits were still in their infancy but the idea quickly…

Managing your Digital Usage

Day 4 of Mental Health Awareness Week, and Rebecca has just delivered our Webinar on “Managing Digital Burnout". Here is some food for thought?!  

Mental Health Awareness Week

We kicked off Mental Health Awareness week by delivering our new session "Making Healthy Habits stick" for Candlelighters. Here is a speedy 5 min taster on how you can put some of these Habit tricks into spending more time outside: http…

International Women’s Day

This week we are supporting Siemens Gamesa with a range of Wellbeing Webinars for International Women’s Day. It is inspiring to see an organisation supporting their staff in this way.    

Galloper Offshore Wind Farm

During December we supported Galloper Offshore Wind Farm @ Harwich with their wellbeing day. Remote sessions were held in Sleep, Working @ Home and Nutrition. Staff were really engaged in the sessions and took away key tips and habits to support…

RWE Renewables @ Gwynt Y Mor

During December we supported RWE Renewables @ Gwynt Y Mor Offshore WindFarm with their wellbeing day. Remote sessions were held in Sleep, Looking after yourself during Covid-19, Stress & Resilience and Relaxation. You can still provide wellbeing…