Our HÄLSA Subscription Service

Our HÄLSA Subscription service helps you to promote a Wellbeing culture of prevention, self-care and pro-active action.

Our Wellbeing subscription service includes:

  • Unlimited access to our Wellbeing Support Library which includes short videos and crib sheet guides with quick fixes on how to SLEEP WELL, EAT WELL, THINK WELL and FEEL WELL.
  • As a member each employee will benefit from personalised 121 support, starting with a call from one of our experienced Wellbeing Mentors within their first week of employment or at the start of the Subscription.
  • Each member will then receive 1 credit every quarter which will allow them to have a 121-coaching session with a Wellbeing Mentor for up to 45 mins plus a follow up email with personalised actions.
  • A personal Wellbeing Account Manager for a dedicated contact in the business.  This Account Manager will guide you on Strategy and Support and will collate collective issues from members and come up with any relevant suggestions to support you with your wellbeing plans.
  • Up to 20% off our webinars and other wellbeing services for the organisation.

£23.99£65.99 Excluding VAT


3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months

Employees Wellbeing

We support you to help your staff to reduce stress anxiety and burnout in your business and empower your employees to manage their own wellbeing, without the cost of your time.

You can show your employees that you care and support them with how to:

  • Combat solitude/loneliness
  • Improve engagement/motivation/productivity
  • Reduce anxiety /stress/ burnout
  • Address Sleep issues
  • Tackle poor lifestyle Habits
  • Any issue impacting on their wellbeing